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~Our Family Album Page~
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~Our Dogs~

Can. Ch. Marsan Cacharel
(Am./Can. Ch.Wycliffe Only Ogden X BelTor A Star Is Born)



“Sherry” was our very first Poodle and the dog who won over my “lab” husband!  Shown to her Canadian Championship by Susan Hillman, Sherry was both a show dog and a family pet.  Her “retrieving” instincts were apparent from her love of tennis balls!!  However, with a young family of my own and my involvement in horse showing, Sherry was never bred.  She lived to the ripe old age of 13 and is still missed.

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Garahlee My Sweet Suzette

(Averina’s Dex Star X Can. Ch. Highprofile Star of Animation)
1993 – 2005.


“Susie” joined our household in 1993 from Leah Barnett’s, Garahlee Kennel.  Susie was not shown because of family/horse showing commitments, but was a high quality dog.  She had the sweetest temperment and also shared the “tennis” ball/retriever instinct with Sherry.  Susie was a talented jumper in agility (which we briefly dabbled in) but again my busy horse showing did not leave much time for pursuing agility.  Susie was much loved by everyone who met her. Her favourite thing was diving into our pool to retrieve her tennis ball.  She lived to the age of 12 and is sorely missed to this day.

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MyJoy Naughty Nicole, TP
(Can. Ch. MyJoy Sam I Am X Can. Ch. MyJoy Dream Catcher)

Born 1999


Nikki joined our family in 1999.  We chose Nikki as she reminded me of my beloved Sherry.  They shared some common ancestors and I felt that because of this she would be a great producer. I was getting out of the horse show world and finally had time to do what I had wanted to do for a long time…..breed Standard Poodles!!!!  Nikki has produced 3 Champion offspring, qualifying her for “Top Producer” status.  Her first “Champion”, Can. Ch. Taywyn’s Flarebouyant Kalliste, BPIS, ATCH, was from Nikki’s first litter.  She is by Am./Can. Ch. Carrington’s All Fired Up (Jackson). Jackson is owned by Dianne Hopper of Carrington Poodles.  Nikki’s second “Champion”, Can. Ch. Taywyn’s Justa Wild Jazzabelle, BPIS, ATCH, is from her second litter.  She is by Can. Ch. Khalsa’s Dante Teddy Chia, (Dante). Dante is owned by Colleen Craig of Dogmatique Poodles.  Her third “Champion” was again from her second litter, Can. Ch. Taywyn’s Just A Sinful Sadie, MADC sired by Can. Ch. Khalsa’s Dante Teddy Chia. Though retired from breeding, Nikki has done us proud and we plan to continue her line through her daughter, Can. Ch. Taywyn’s Just A Sinful Sadie, MADC.

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Can. Ch. Taywyn’s Just A Sinful Sadie, MADC
(Can. Ch. Khalsa’s Dante Teddy Chia X MyJoy Naughty Nicole, TP)
Born Aug. 8, 2005


“Sadie” is the future of our breeding program at Taywyn Standard Poodles.  She has everything we want in a Poodle: correct conformation combined with beauty and athleticism.  Many people have commented on her natural jumping ability…from “the most beautiful jumper I have ever seen” (Stacey Peardot-Goudy, head coach of the US Agility Team) to competitors at trials, “I just love watching your dog...she’s poetry in motion!”  Our goal is to produce Standard Poodles that are not only beautiful specimens of the breed but also have correct conformation/athletic ability.  We have great hopes that Sadie will do just that.  We are looking forward to her puppies!!!


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~Other Taywyn Poodles~



Can. Ch. Taywyn Flarebouyant Kalliste, BPIS, ATCH  

(Am.Can. Ch. Carrington’s All Fired Up X MyJoy Naughty Nicole, TP)
Born Dec. 11, 2004

“Kalli” started off as an extremely successful show dog.  She finished in 2 weekends of showing with a Best Puppy In Show (BPIS) and a Group 2nd at the tender age of 9 months!  After leaving the show ring she went  into the agility ring with equal success.  She recently received her ATCH (Agility Trial Champion), which is the highest level you can achieve in  Agility.  She was also on the podium at the 2010 BC Regionals this past summer. We are very proud of Kalli as is her owner/trainer Maureen Sanderson (Amazing Poodles) of Merritt, B.C.

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Ch. Taywyn Justa Wild Jazzabelle, BPIS, ATCH

(Can. Ch. Khalsa’s Dante Teddy Chia X MyJoy Naughty Nicole, TP)
Born Aug. 8, 2005


“Jazz” also obtained her Canadian Championship with a BPIS and like her half-sister, Kalli, is an incredibly talented agility star.  Her “antics” in the agility ring keep everyone on the edge of their seats.  She’s been known to let her “enthusiasm” for the sport get the best of her (& her owner too!).  Jazz recently received her ATCH.  We’re very proud of her as is her owner/trainer Maureen Sanderson (Amazing Poodles) of Merritt, B.C.

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Taywyn’s Just A Fast Sports Model, ATCH

(Can. Ch. Khalsa’s Dante Teddy Chia X MyJoy Naughty Nicole, TP)
Born Aug. 8, 2005


“Lexus”, is just that….a fast agility dog!!  With her owner, Lisa Babcock, she is a high flyer in agility, achieving her ATCH this year.  Taywyn Poodles is proud of her agility achievements.  Lisa and Lexus train with Maureen Sanderson (Amazing Poodles) of  Iron Mountain K-9 Agility in Merritt, B.C.

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Taywyn’s MacBeth of Glamis, ADC 

(Can. Ch. Khalsa’s Dante Teddy Chia X MyJoy Naughty Nicole, TP)

Born Aug. 8, 2005

“Mac”, the “only boy” in a litter of 7,  got started a little later in agility but is proving to be another contender!  In his first year he is already at the Advanced level and working on some Masters courses.  Another incredibly athletic jumper with a wonderful disposition, Mac and his owner, Joyce Bain are setting their sites on serious competition in the agility arena next year.

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